Health and Social Care, the new 15 Standards of Care certificate

1. Business Planning

2. Cognitive and Action
3. Cost Benefit Analysis
4. Stepping Out
5. Investing in other portfolios
These are West Midlands Open College developed programmes. Ring for more information.
The focus is on developing a teacher and an assessor. We map our programmes to the QCF which prepares you to undertake an externally.
broad areas we cover include
1. Principles of lesson planning
2. Principles of Assessment
3. Coaching and Mentoring
4. Equality and Inclusive learning
5. Educational Policy
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The courses focus on Bible based teaching;


1. Church Leadership and Management
2. The Vision of the Church.
3. The five fold ministres and ideal church(local congregation structure)
4.Community engagement and leadership of a church within a community, making the church relevant.
Supporting the overall vision of the Church of Christ and evangelism strategies.
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WMOC: English Language


Levels 1 to 3
Those from non English speaking backgrounds can benefit by our English Course. Even those wishing to study the WMOC University Foundation Course can access this course.

Level 1:

·         Understand and use effective strategies to process spoken language.

·         Communicate orally in English for personal, social, and academic purposes.

·         Reading and writing.

·         Comprehension of texts of varying length

·         Vocabulary and grammar.

·         writing skills to express ideas


Level 2:

·         Understand and use spoken English effectively.

·         Communicate orally in English for personal, social, and academic purposes.

·         Apply critical thinking skills.

·         Read and comprehend texts of varying length at intermediate level.

·         Enhanced knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

·         Understand and use effective writing skills to express ideas and give information

·         Introduction to prose


Level 3

·         Understand and use spoken English effectively for academic and business environments

·         Communicate orally in English for personal, social, and academic purposes and business presentation.

·         Apply critical thinking skills to text and analysis of prose writing.

·         Read and comprehend texts of varying length at upper level. Study of books of selected leadings English Authors.

·         More advanced knowledge of vocabulary and grammar-use complex statements with clauses and 3D statements.


·         Understand and use effective writing skills to express ideas and give information


Deutch: German Language, A1, which is only offered currently on the ground in Germany through Diversity Learning Institute (DLI) in Hamburg.

West Midlands Open College has introduced university foundation courses (UFC). These are Level 3 courses, which form a bridge or gateway to University. These are following discipline streams:


Science, Business, Information & Communication Technology and Computing.



When you study with West Midlands Open College, potential progression routes are:


Acceptance to several reputable Universities in the UK and worldwide to pursue your undergraduate studies in one of the following career routes, as long as you satisfy their other entry requirements (Note the list below is an overview and not exhaustive, we advise that you contact a university of interest and see if your career though not listed here is offered there).


Career Routes:-



Ø  Management & Professional Accounting


Ø  Business & Law

Ø  Management & Leadership

Ø  Strategic Sales and Marketing Management

Ø  Strategic Tourism & Hospitality Management

Early Childhood Development & Learning:

Ø  Early Childhood Development & Learning


Ø  Combined Engineering

Finance & Investment:

Ø  Financial Services

Health & Life Sciences:

Ø  Biological & Chemical Sciences

Ø  Integrative Counselling Theory & Practice

Health & Social Care:

Ø  Early Childhood Development & Learning

Ø  Integrative Counselling Theory & Practice

Ø  Public Health & Community Studies

Information Technology:

Ø  Information Technology Practitioner

Law & Practice:

Ø  Business & Law

Ø  Law & Practice


Ø  Adult

Ø  General

Ø  Mental

Ø  Midwifery

Ø  Paediatric


Ø  Chemistry

Ø  Biology

Ø  Physics


Ø  Mathematic




Yinka, says, "This was my first academic vocationally organised course I have attended since leaving school. In Nigeria I straight went to do business in print media and as a young person-saw that there was a gap in Youth and Sport from a business perspective, in Nigeria. Therefore, choosing to study at West Midlands Open College for Entrepreneurship with a bias to Diaspora Management, on my commonwealth scholarship scheme, was a grand choice. I look forward to collaborate when I return to Nigeria". 

1st January 2017, Graduation at The West Midlands Open College, at Lifegate Satellite Centre, in Walsall.



Diversity Learning Institute(DLI), Hambourg, Germany.

Using the West Midlands Open College system has helped many refugees gain momentum in the Deutsch Language. The accreditation of the course under West Midlands Open College has enabled the candidates evidence their learning. Our centre in Hambourg since being accredited West Midlands Open College delivery centre, has added mobility in course out put and employ-ability for those candidates on the WMOC Deutche course. In Germany, the Deutsch Language is an important language to enter into the job market and business development. DLI says thank you West Midlands Open College(WMOC).

December 2016


The John Lukomona Scholarchip Scheme(JLSS) for Entrepreneurs.

Dr John Lukomona is a family man, community leader and college principal, he wishes to help and support the many African business men and women who have creative business ideas. The ideas he calls them real estate. Knowledge and ideas are the only permanent structures that can move with a person from one location to another. These are assets and they need to be nurtured for effective delivery. Therefore, Dr Lukomona invites you to join the scheme.


Subject based, on Entrepreneurship.

For more information ring:+441922 277 667

John Lukomona Scholarship Scheme by Distant Learning, is now available.


Accessed through the West Midlands Open College.



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